Founded in March 2016 by Ryan Van Winkle and Edinburgh Food Studio ‘Simmer’ is a modern take on the Burns Supper, a collaboration between food and poetry, pairing poets with dishes carefully selected & prepared to illuminate and echo their work. We use flavour, scent, and colour in response to some of Scotland’s most distinct voices. A delicious evening which touches all of your senses.

“It makes you think of how that sentence, which is completely philosophical, can be represented in food.” – Fine Dining Lovers

Two Simmer

Poets who have appeared at Simmer:

Tessa Berring, Peter Mackay, MacGillivray, Vicki Feaver, Krystelle Bamford, Alan Gillis, Colin Herd, Elspeth Murray, Andrew Greig, Jane McKie , Miriam Gamble, and Robert Alan Jamieson.