Screen Bandita is a collective in which previously abandoned film can be given new lease of life through its contextual re-imagination and exposure to a new audience. They curated many of the Cameo’s double features, made a series of Super 8 movies, and encompass old and charmingly obsolete formats of all stripes. They have a great grasp of unusual cinematic sensibilities and a very particular kind of nostalgia for film that resonates with me and audiences from all over. We presented work at Black Box at the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014.


Kind words in this edition of The Skinny in their review of Adrift @ Summerhall, the AV extravaganza featuring myself and Screen Bandita.

“This is a piece of art that winds subtly around our hearts to a soundtrack of old projectors, vintage recordings and words that sound like our memories.”

“Short and sweetly sad, Adrift uses the spoken word to capture specific moments and feelings, of places or people, and the strength of the narrator and his work makes for an utterly moving, non-linear exploration of the world we live in, and the people that live or have lived upon it”

“The forty five minute performance is over in a heartbeat, leaving us with a sense of longing for home, and a sense of already being there.”


More amazing footage of the folks at Screen Bandita and our collaboration piece, ‘Adrift’. Enjoy!

Leanora Olmi and Lydia Beilby are the duo behind Screen Bandita, a collective which gives new life to abandoned film and photos through use in live performances.

Collaborating with poet Ryan Van Winkle, Screen Bandita’s new project ‘Adrift’ came from a residency at Battersea Arts Centre, London, where they drew inspiration from stories centred around Battersea Town Hall, and created a narrative through the use of found footage and old slides.