Ryan in Extremis

April 6, 2019

I have a poem published in Scotia Extremis — an anthology of contemporary poems from the ‘extremes of Scotland’s psyche.’ This collection features dozens of acclaimed Scottish poets all turning an eye to the country’s icons.

Available now from Luath Press. Edited by Andy Jackson & Brian Johnstone.

Scota Extremis - Poems from the extremes of Scotland's psyche

Ryan in German

April 5, 2019

I have a poem published in this epic anthology of contemporary poetry from across Europe. There’s too many incredible poets involved to name but it is a delight to join so many of the friends I’ve made through literature in this one collection.

Available now from Hanser Literaturverlage.

Livonian in UK Tour

March 12, 2019

Livonian Book Tour UK — 26-30 March: London, Cornwall, Cardiff 

Join us to celebrate the publication of this very special bi-lingual collection of Livonian poetry from Valts Ernstreits. This is his first full collection of Livonian poetry in English so, thanks to Latvian Literature and Francis Boutle Publishing, we’re going on tour.

Click on the image to buy the book

Join us for a series of bilingual events, with readings of poems in Livonian by Valts Ernstreits translated into English by Ryan Van Winkle.

A very rare chance to hear poetry in one of Europe’s most endangered languages. Livonian is spoken in Latvia by fewer than 30 people.

26 March @ 16.30 — Panel Discussion and Reading

School of Slavonic and East European Studies – London

26 March @ 19.00 — Book Launch

Bookmarks Bookshop, London

27 March @ 19.00 — Reading & Discussion

Waterstone’s – Truro


28 March @ 19.00 — Reading & Discussion

Cant a mil (100 Whitechurch Rd, Cardiff)

Featuring a special reading of VIRGIL’S FOUNTAIN/ FENTEN FERYL – A POEM IN CORNISH BY TIM SAUNDERS & Music by Ani Glass.

We hope to see you at one of these destinations for an evening of literary splendour.

You can buy a copy of this collection at Francis Boutle Publishers

New Book: People Like Us

March 11, 2019

POEMS IN LIVONIAN By Valts Ernštreits
Translated by Ryan Van Winkle and Valts Ernštreits

In People Like Us you will wander through Latvia meeting Livonian characters as they struggle with the burdens and responsibilities of their language and heritage. You will explore ancient lands and lands yet to be discovered.

Purchase your copy at Francis Boutle Publishers.

Latvians in London 2019

March 7, 2019

Latvian Literature in Translation — 11 March, 19.00

The London Latvian Centre

I’ll be hosting an evening of contemporary Latvian poetry in translation. These brand-new versions were created in autumn last year and are finally ready for their UK premiere. I hope you’ll join me and these excellent poets for a night of introverted expression.

Featuring new poems in translation from:  Elvīra Bloma, Raimonds Ķirķis, Ausma Perons, Tessa Berring, Patrick James Errington, Samuel Tongue, Roseanne Watt and Lauris Veips.

Supported by Latvian Literature

Live Art @ Karachi Lit Fest 2019

March 1, 2019

You Can Stop This at Any Time — 1-3 March

Karachi Literature Festival 2019

Original One-to-One Live Art performance created by Ryan Van Winkle in partnership with Highlight Arts and Justice Project Pakistan, this live art installation brings audiences face to face with the broken criminal justice system in Pakistan.

Full details on the performance


Ryan discusses language in Poetry for Preservation

October 30, 2018

On Wednesday 5 December I’ll be at the National Poetry Library in the Southbank Centre, London for Poetry for Preservation, discussing the Livonian and Scots languages alongside Livonian poet Valts Ernstreits. We will be discussing how poetry can play a role in the preservation of language and culture, with readings and a Q&A.

The event starts at 8pm, it is free but ticketed, and you can book your place here.

Ryan translates poems by Inga Gaile and Baiba Damberg in Words About Words

October 29, 2018

Modern Poetry in Translation has published a digital pamphlet, Words About Words, featuring poems by Latvian poets Sergei Timofejev, Baiba Damberg, Anna Auziņa and Inga Gaile, an interview with Inga Gaile, and a podcast with MPT editor Clare Pollard, Inga Gaile and Mary-Jane Holmes.

I worked on poems by Gaile and Damberg, and work by fellow translators Anne Gutt, Ieva Lešinska, Mary-Jane Holmes and Jayde Will also features.

You can find the whole digital pamphlet on the Modern Poetry in Translation website.

The Good Dark is translated into Ukranian

October 11, 2018

Krok Books in Ukraine published a translation of The Good Dark. It’s the first book of mine to be fully translated.

Thanks are due to the publisher for bringing this into the world, Natalia Semenov for the translations & Publishing Scotland for the vital support of Scottish literature in translation.
With funding from Creative Scotland, I visited the L’viv Book Forum in September for the official launch.
Copies can be purchased from Krok books here.

Ryan participates in World Day Against the Death Penalty

October 10, 2018

I’m in Lahore working with Highlight Arts, Justice Project Pakistan & Olomopolo Media on this performance for World Day Against the Death Penalty.
No Time to Sleep will run from 8pm-8pm GMT 9-10 October, midnight – midnight local time in Lahore.

A 24-hour live performance will see renowned Pakistani actor, Sarmad Khoosat, become death row Prisoner Z as he prepares for his execution.

While the ropes are tested, and his lawyers file paperwork, Prisoner Z will pray, eat his last meal and say goodbye to his family.

Set inside a replica of a cell, this unique performance entitled No Time To Sleep has been informed by interviews with ex-prisoners, families of death row prisoners, executioners, lawyers and prison guards all of whom are affected by capital punishment.

No Time to Sleep is based on the experiences of prisoner Zulfiqar, who, in 2015, became the 103rd person to be executed since the death penalty was reinstated in Pakistan in 2014. In total, Zulfiqar spent 17 years on death row where his execution was scheduled and halted more than twenty times. During his incarceration, Zulfiqar helped educate over 400 fellow inmates and secured 33 diplomas himself.

The performance will run from 9th to 10th October, ending on World Day Against the Death Penalty. It will be streamed globally ( with rolling coverage at @z_prisoner posting the mercy petition, final warrants and news coverage.
Director – Kanwal Khoosat and has been Producer – Iram Sana
Dramaturgy – Deborah Pearson
Concept – Ryan Van Winkle

The twenty-four live performance starts at 2000hrs (BST) on 9th October and runs to 2000hrs (BST) on 10th October.