Since 2008 Ryan Van Winkle has been a member of Highlight Arts, focused primarily on co-ordinating our literature programme. This has involved organising numerous translation workshops readings and festivals in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Pakistan.

Most recently, Ryan has been working with Complicite Creative Learning and Ajoka Theatre Pakistan on a new play about the death penalty comissioned by Justice Project Pakistan. Ryan has also edited three anthologies of contemporary translations and organised events at the Erbil International Literature Festival in Iraq.

Highlight Arts creates new narratives through personal interactions, collaborations and exchange in the context of conflict: inequality, prejudice, war or environmental disaster.

We organise festivals, curate new artistic collaborations and generate new work.

Established in 2007 as Reel Festivals we became Highlight Arts in 2014.

We have a track record of delivering highly engaging, provocative work, using all forms of the arts to explore pressing and contemporary geo-­political issues, working with innovative and progressive artists from at the UK and abroad.

For more information please visit the Highlight Arts website.