These poems have all appeared elsewhere before appearing here. Many of these poems have gone, as yet, uncollected due to weakness or sameness or awkwardness and – really – some just aren’t that good. As such, they reflect a messy and growing body of work rather than a polished artistic statement. If you would like to buy a book you can have a look here.

Also, it is important to say that many of these poems were first published in magazines & anthologies. When a new poem gets accepted it feels like validation, like maybe maybe you wrote something that isn’t only for yourself. Literary publications have been essential to my confidence and growth as a writer. Editors have a hard and often thankless task so, I want to say sincerely, I am grateful for all of your efforts and your continued commitment to the art form. Friends, please, consider subscribing to any of these excellent magazines, checking out their website or, even, submitting something yourself. Ryan x

If you’d like to purchase a book:

ViewMaster (Stewed Rhubarb, 2014)

The Good Dark (Penned in the Margins, 2015)

Tomorrow, We Will Live Here (Salt, 2010)


Streaming Poems:

I Hate Myself I’m A Genius I Ruin Everything (I’m So Lonely) (Forest Records, 2002)

Red, Like Our Room Used To Feel (with Ragland, Forest Records, 2010)

ViewMaster (with Dan Gorman, Invisible Agent, 2014)