Jonathan Prior & I work together to create poetic walking tours of cities, towns and amusement parks. These unique experiences change the way people experience familiar locations and encourage a new kind of interaction with the places we live and visit. Our tours incorporate Jonathan’s field recordings melded with bespoke poems from myself and other contributors. Users can download, stream or borrow mp3 players for a walk which will take you on a surreal and surprising journey. Below is the Jonbar Archaeology project we made for NN Contemporary Art in Northampton. If you or organisation would like to talk about creating a similar project — please get in touch

Who and Where You Really Are

A poetic walking tour of Northampton


What if you were never born? What if your grandmother was thrown from a horse or your grandfather burned in a factory fire? Would you be a ghost, or just a dream of a ghost? With sounds recorded and collaged from various locales by Jonathan Prior and poems by Katherine Leyton & Ryan Van Winkle this sometimes surreal, sometimes contradictory, sometimes emotional tour explores the divergent and fabricated histories of a Northampton character who might not even exist.

Ways to listen:

Stream the audio tour directly on your mobile device here or below

Download the entire tour and walking directions here

Visit NN Contemporary Art in Northampton to borrow an mp3 player and walking directions.

The project works best listening to it in situ (details here), but you can listen to the whole tour below. Many thanks to NN Contemporary Art for commissioning the project.

Stop 1 (NN Contemporary Art)

NN Contemporary Art

Stop 2 (The Guildhall)


Stop 3 (The Grosvenor Centre)

Shopping centre

Stop 4 (Passageway)


Stop 5 (The Church of the Holy Sepulchre)

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Stop 6 (The Factories: Overstone Road/ Dunster Street)

Overstone Road/ Dunster Street

Stop 7 (St. Giles Church)

St Giles Church

Stop 8 (Snail Sculpture)

Northampton Marina