ViewMaster: book & albumviewmasteralbum-medium

by Ryan Van Winkle & Dan Gorman

This chapbook from Stewed Rhubarb press comes with a free digital album from Invisible Agent records. When combined you can re-create the ViewMaster experience at home.

While the live performance cannot be replicated we hope the combination of audio and images along side the physical book will allow you to sample the unique live show in the comfort of your own home. 

When you purchase the book or e-book you’ll receive all four poems in text & audio format with Dan Gorman’s original sonic compositions plus the unique visuals from the theatrical performance. 

Published byStewed Rhubarb & Invisible Agent records. 


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The Live Performance 

ViewMaster is not just a book it is a performance — a personal slide-show for your eyes and ears only. When performed Ryan Van Winkle and sound artist Dan Gorman guide you through a playful, surreal, journey to a distant land. It is an immersive piece aided by the set-design of Faith Eliott and, of course, our trusty vintage View-master. 

ViewMaster premiered at Ausform in Bristol, did a short run at the Forest Fringe in 2013 and had a sold-out run at the 2014 Poetry International festival at London’s Southbank Centre. The show was part of the Made in Scotland Showcase at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

The creators would like to thank the generous support of Creative Scotland, Ausform, the Forest Fringe and Summerhall. 

While the live performance cannot be replicated we hope the combination of audio along side this physical book will allow you to sample the experience at home. 

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magical, lo-fi & quirkily poetic – Lyn Gardner – The Guardian

an impressively immersive experience. – BBC News

A jewel … an immersive, dreamlike experience. – All Edinburgh Theatre

…a delicious quarter of an hour that feels like you’ve slipped into a quiet oasis. – The List

There’s a swelling melancholy, a yearning for something just out of reach, that that creeps in. It’s a strangely calming experience…. You leave reminded that who you are is often where you’ve been. – Exeunt

A short but sweet private transcendental fifteen minutes… – Mumblewords

ViewMaster needs to be read as well as listened to…these poems come to life with Van Winkle’s rhythmic readings and Gorman’s ambient sound work. Emotive and sonic landscapes …. meditative and haunting — Gutter Magazine, Issue 12, February 2015