List of Publications to Date

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April 2019: Scotia Extremis: Poems from the Extremes of Scotland’s Psyche. Published by Luath Press. Edited by Andy Jackson & Brian Johnstone.

April 2019: “Grant Tour: A journey through the young poetry of Europe – from Albania to Cyprus” published by Hanser Literaturverlage in a multilingual edition. Edited by Büchner Prize winner Jan Wagner and Federico Italiano.

March 2019: “People Like Us“, published by Francis Boutle Publishers. Bi-lingual Livonian / English text. Poems by Valts Ernstreits. Translator: Ryan Van Winkle.


February 2018: “The Watcher“, commissioned by the Islay Book Festival.


August 2017: Feature, interview, translations and essay in Akhali Saunje (The New Treasure).

July 2017: Translation of ‘Penthesilea’ by Katerina Iliopoulou published in Austerity Measures: The New Greek Poetry.

July 2017: ‘To See It You Have To Look Hard‘ published in Return Flight MEL>EDI.


December 2016: Guest editor of the December edition of PENning Magazine, for Scottish PEN.

December 2016: “Ode for Rain from Death Row” published in Artists vs Death Penalty.

October 2016: “Western Town” published in Umbrellas of Edinburgh.

September 2016: “mother/bird” and “Fishing with Birds” published in Birdbook IV: Saltwater and Shore.

September 2016: “Putina” published in Poetry Spotlight.

June 2016: “Untitled (Snoopy)” published in Neu Reekie: #UntitledTwo.

May 2016: “The Flood”, “The Apartment”, “Window, Not Sky”, “Summer Nights, Walking”, and “Untitled (Lincoln)” published in French in issue no.83 of Exit – Revue de poésie.

April 2016: “One Year the Door Will Open” published in Best Scottish Poems 2015.

January 2016: “To a Burns Night” published in Scotia Extremis.


December 2015: “Island” published in HARK Magazine.

November 2015: Interview in Leopardskin & Limes.

November 2015: “I Look Up Again” published in Leopardskin & Limes.

October 2015: “The Grave-tender”, “Rose’s Funeral” and “Moths” published in the Squircle Line Press anthology Ars Moriendi: Writings on the Art of Dying.

September 2015: Untitled (Howe)The Ocean I Call MineWindow, Not SkyUnfinished Rooms, The ApartmentThe FloodI Do Not Want Rain for RainBabelA Raincoat, A Spell of Rain Ago, Oregon TrailMy 100-Year-Old GhostSummer Nights, WalkingUntitled (Lincoln)Waiting for the Ocean, and The Duke in Pines in their original English alongside translations into Arabic, Turkish, Bulgarian, German and Bosnian, published on Lyrikline. With thanks to VERSschmuggel, Highlight Arts & Literature Across Frontiers who facilitated many of these versions.

August 2015: ‘Too Many Raindrops’, in collaboration with Ragland as part of the Queensland Poetry Festival.

June 2015: ‘Prayer of the Heart’ published in Communion #3.

May 2015: Second full collection, The Good Dark, published by Penned in the Margins.

May 2015: ‘Wait, Listen, If’ published by The Missing Slate in 2014: In Retrospect.

March 2015: ‘We are all Adults now’, ‘I Like the Idea of You’ and ‘To the Park Before it Becomes a Parking Lot’ published by Poems for All as part of the Stanza International Poetry Festival.

February 2015: ‘All Signs’ with J.O. Morgan published in Sonofabook from CB Editions.

January 2015: ‘The Auld Fold’ with SJ Fowler, nick-e melville, Colin Herd and Ross Sutherland, published as part of the Four Fold project.


November 2014: ‘Dress’, ‘Flag’, ‘Move Things Around’ and ‘Something Almost to Outlast’ published in Edinburgh Review.

November 2014: ‘The Heart’ published in Witness Magazine, Vol. 28, Issue 3.

November 2014: ‘Translation for Weather’ published in Colony Literary Magazine.

November 2014: ‘Another Athens’ and ‘Another Athens: Lighthouse’, part of a collaborative piece with Ragland in the Another Athens Exhibition and Symposium.

October 2014: ‘Stocking’ and ‘Clair de Lune’, published in B O D Y.

October 2014: ‘Into the Desert with No Name’, published in Double Bill.

September 2014: ‘Gerontocracy’, ‘Under Hotel Sheets’, ‘Our Door’, ‘After a Turbulence’, published in Be the First to Like This.

September 2014: ‘that was joy she said‘, published in Litro.

August 2014: ‘I Flew Many Times But’, published in 26 Atlantic Crossings.

August 2014: ‘Everybody Always Talking About Jesus‘, published in Lud Literatura, translated into Slovenian by Andrej Hocevar.

July 2014: Viewmaster, published by Stewed Rhubarb Press.

June 2014: Interview with Peter Goldsworthy published at Prairie Schooner.

June 2014: ‘Thirteen’, ‘My Hundred-Year-Old Ghost’, ‘The Grave-tender’, ‘Cassella: the Pastor’s son’, ‘The Water is Cold’, and ‘Tomorrow, the Red Birds’, both the translated versions and the originals, published in formavera.

June 2014: ‘Lost in the Century’ published in ‘A Bird is Not A Stone‘; an anthology Palestinian poetry in translation.

May 2014: ‘This Room is Waiting‘, anthology co-editor, part of the Reel Iraq Festival.

April 2014: ‘Tides Connect Everywhere’, part of the installation Elemental in the Melbourne Planetarium.

March 2014: ‘What kind of thing’, published in Poetry New Zealand

January 2014: ‘Name’, published in Prairie Schooner, Winter edition


December 2013: ‘December 3’, 26 Stories of Christmas.

November 2013: ‘On Bob Hicok’s “Bottom of the Ocean”‘, published by B O D Y.

October 2013: ‘The Duke and Pines’, ‘Quarry’ and ‘January Hymn’ published in Valve III.

September 2013: ‘The ‘Burbs’ collaboration with SJ Fowler published in Enemies from Penned in the Margins.

September 2013: ‘Caprice’ published in sequences and pathogens from Litmus Press.

August 2013: ‘Sleepwalking’ and ‘Untitled (Snoopy)’ published in The Ofi Press

July 2013: ‘Window, not Sky’ published in B O D Y.

July 2013: ‘Epicine’, ‘Summer Nights, Walking’ & ‘Untitled (Lincoln)’ published in the American Poetry Review.

July 2013: ‘Epicine’ published in Poetry Daily.

April 2013: “There is no Library for What I Know of Books”, “Untitled (Ristovic)” and “Opinions, not Facts” published in 3:AM Magazine.

March 2013: ‘Flight Out of Darwin’ & ‘Wait, Listen, If’ appear in the Pakistan-based arts magazine The Missing Slate as part of a feature on emerging British poets. You can read the whole thing as a digital edition here.


November 2012: Where Rockets Burn Through: “I Look Up Again” and “Phantom Limb” published in a science fiction poetry anthology edited by Russell Jones and published by Penned in the Margins.

November 2012: Estuary: A Confluence of Poetry and Art: “You Wanted to See the Lighthouse”, check out a sample of the poem and artwork here.

October 2012: National Poetry Day Blog: Favourite Star Poem

September 2012: Edinburgh Review 135: Essay on grass roots culture in Edinburgh.

September 2012: Reader-in-Residence for Green Pencil Award creative writing competition.

September 2012: SPL Podcast with JL Williams.

July 2012: “Untitled (Howe)” chosen as ‘Poem of the Month’ in the Istanbul Review.

May 2012: “The Ocean I Call Mine” published in ‘Lung Jazz: Young British Poets for Oxfam

March 2012: “Holding Up a Wall” appears on the Something Fine blog, dedicated to new work about first love.

March 2012: “Moths” and “Untitled (Lynch)” appear in Poetry New Zealand 44


October 2011: “Jobation” appears in appear in Poetry Scotland 71

September 2011: “History of a Mouth” and “Untitled (Howe)” appeared on Beat The Dust’s ‘American Indy All-Stars’ edition.

September 2011: Three Poems appeared in both Arabic and English in “I Chose To Listen” – a free e-book produced by Reel Festivals and Forest Publications.

August 2011: “You wanted to See the Lighthouse” and “Challenger (1986)” appear in Poetry Scotland 70

August 2011: “You Wanted to See the Lighthouse” and “Challenger (1986)” published in Poetry Scotland.

August 2011: “Last Night I Should Have Driven Straight Home‘ selected as Poem of the Week in The Scotsman.

August 2011: “The Philosophers Have Only Interpreted the World in Various Ways; The Point, However, Is to Change It” translated into Georgian and published online.

August 2011: Poet of the Month for the Scottish Poetry Library

August 2011: Featured Poet on the Read Raw site – re-prints of collected and uncollected poems.

July 2011: An audio version of “No Ideas But in Things” released on Danseizure’s ‘This is Danseizure’ LP (Invisible Agent)

July 2011: “Gerontocracy” and “A Raincoat, A Spell of Rain Ago” published in Gutter Issue 5.

June 2011: “The Philosophers Have Only Interpreted the World in Various Ways; The Point, However, Is to Change It” published in Starry Rhymes: 85 Years of Allen Ginsberg (Read This Press)


December 2010: Babel, Necessary Astronomy, The Day He Went to War, The Apartment, and My 100-Year-Old Ghost featured on How Pedestrian

November 2010: My first full collection — Tomorrow, We Will Live Here — is published by Salt.

November 2010: A translation of “A Raincoat, A Spell of Rain Ago” published in the Turkish magazine Akbük.

November 2010: Translations of “Babel” and “The Apartment” appear in the Turkish publication of the Word Express Anthology 2010

November 2010: Translations of “Untitled (Howe)”, “The Ocean I Call Mine”, “Window” & “Unfinished Rooms” appear in the Serbian magazine Treci Trg

October 2010: “A Raincoat”, a spoken-word track produced with Ragland, features on Fuselit magazine’s cd for their Jack issue.

October 2010: “It is Summer and in Connecticut the Grill is Grilling”, “Falling #71”, “Knots”, “They Tore the Bridge Down a Year Later”, “Gasoline”, “Ode For a Rain From Death Row”, “Discreet”, “My 100-Year-Old Ghost” and “The Day He Went to War” published in Oxford Poets 2010: An AnthologyNo Text

August 2010: “One Day The Will” published on AGNI Online

August 2010: “Masks” and “Duke and Pines” released on Forest Records Presents … X — feat. collaborations with St. Jude’s Infirmary and Ragland

July 2010: Interview with John Glenday published in Anon Magazine 7

July 2010: “Open Door” poem in The Year Of Open Doors

July 2010: “Ode For a Rain From Death Row” published in New Writing Scotland 2010: Stone Going Home Again

June 2010: Five new poems commissioned and published on the World Cup 2010 Poetry Site / Chapbook from Forest Publications

June 2010: “100-Year-Old Ghost” featured on How Pedestrian

April 2010: “Going Up” published in Northwords Now

March 2010: “Babel” published in Gutter Magazine

March 2010: “Whiff of Winter” posted on The Syllabary.

March 2010: “Challenger (1986)” published in Stone’s Throw Magazine.

March 2010: “I Look Up Again” published on The Guardian Local: Edinburgh.

February 2010: Winner of Salt Publishing’s Crashaw Prize. A collection is due by the end of 2010.

February 2010: “Castles” published in Conte.

January 2010: translations by Marko Pogacar of “Flood” and “I Do Not Want Rain For Rain” appear in the Bosnian magazine Kolaps.

January 2010: “Red Like Our Room Used to Feel” released by Forest Records.


October 2009: Four poems translated and published in Eclipse, the literary magazine of Zaragoza University. Translations by Jessica Aliaga Lavrijsen.

September 2009: “Darkness on the Edge of Toast” published in The American Poetry Review.

June 2009: Invited to speak and read at Cambridge University ‘s “America Week.”

June 2009: Editor: The Golden Hour Book Vol. II. Featuring “The Apartment”, “Open the Connections,” and “Waiting for the Ocean”.

February 2009: “We Could Sing Along With The Band” and “Falling, Nos. 18, 39 and 266” published in Read This #15.

February 2009: “My Hundred-Year-Old Ghost” and “Winter (I Cannot Remember A Single Breakfast) published by Tontine.


November 2008: Looking For Lockerbie published by Syracuse University Press.  Looking For Lockerbie

November 2008: Article on being Reader in Residence featured in The Skinny

November 2008: Editor: Stolen Stories Anthology Published by Forest Publications.

November 2008: “Everyone Always Talking About Jesus” and “Retrieving the Dead” published in Northwords Now. The whole issue is available for download here.

July 2008: “They Tore the Bridge Down a Year Later” published in Northwords Now. The issue is available for download here. (Inverness)

May 2008: ‘She Makes Home Smell Like Lemons’, ‘I Saw the End’, ‘We Could Sing Along With the Band’, ‘Oregon Trail’ published in New Leaf 24 (Breman, Germany)

May 2008: “It is Summer and in Connecticut the Grill is Grilling”, “Falling #147” and “They Will Go On” published in New Writing Scotland #26.


November 2007: ‘An Old Photographer Gives Up’, ‘Grave-tender’, and ‘My 100-Year-Old Ghost’ published in V: An Anthology of International Writing From Edinburgh (Edinburgh University Press)

October 2007: Long-listed for the 2007 Bridport Prize

August 2007: ‘After the Pig’, ‘One Day the Will’, ‘I Got Out When it All Went Down’, ‘She is Practising Again’. ‘Bluegrass’. ‘Grave-tender’, ‘Snooze’ published in New Leaf 23 (Breman, Germany.)New Leaf 24

July 2007: “Gasoline” placed 3rd in the Ver Poets Open Poetry Competition

June 2007: ‘I Saw the End’, ‘Oregon Trail’, ‘I Got Out When it All Went Down’, ‘Winter (I Can’t Remember a Single Breakfast’ published in The Golden Hour Book an anthology from Forest Publications.


September 2005 – 2007: Book Reviewer for The Skinny an Edinburgh and Glasgow listings magazine.


June 2004 – 2007: Editor in Chief of SUBMIT. The Forest literary magazine.

April 2004: Continental Airline’s In-Flight Magazine publishes piece on Oslo.


July 2003: The Boston Globe publishes a travel feature on the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

July 2003: The Sunday Herald (Glasgow) published a travel feature on Scots Fest which toured Bosnia in the Spring.

April 2003: Attended the Mostar International Festival as a poet and journalist.


August 2002: I Hate Myself, I’m a Genius, I Ruin Everything (I’m So Lonely) is released by
Forest Records – an experiment in spoken word put to music by local artists.

June 2002 – Present: Editor in Chief of CIA NIGHTS (Edinburgh) a bi-weekly collage of news, satires and literature.

August 2002 – April 2004: Contributor to The Sunday Herald (Glasgow) including a travel Bosnia, coverage of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the death of Warren Zevon.

April 2002: Article on Belfast published in Black and White Magazine. (Sydney)

2002: Editor of Smallfry Magazine the independent literary magazine of Edinburgh.


2001 – 2008: Poetry Editor at (New York City)

November 2001: Short story, The Porch published in Smallfry Magazine.