Like water must meet other water

the ball flowed simply; smoothed

round curve and stony foot, clean

as nature. As clouds are unobstructed

dreams floating among blue. Never thought

of it like that or how grass smelled

of sunshine, even in rain. I watch replays

from the couch, don’t call to the floating names

or talk about weather. I kick ball towards tree,

sometimes bush, or broken fence but


with no net, I shake,

am nothing smooth as water, back

of my neck hot as June, game five

and all the cool we wanted was hidden

in clouds, did I say like dreams, like thousands

of breaths held. I felt only my toes,

my calf a current.  I feel only my bones

telling me I must go like water, must lay

down a minute, remember there is beauty

in going smooth, almost in slow motion,

towards our goal.


First published on World Cup 2010 Poetry Site /Chapbook from Forest Publications.