How many times will you do this or that, / without being aware / of the time passing / or the time that still remains to you?” Aleksandar Ristovic


And it was only a corner

but I turned it with more worry

than normally I worry


as if that corner

was the year of my death

or a shadow of death


which I’ve dreamed

since I was a child

watching street lamps


dreaming of the day a car would forget

to stop or I’d forget to look. And this

was only a corner, one


of many on a round earth

and the shadows that pass

are only shadows of people


waiting for the lights, checking

their watches or scanning

for an acquaintance


as I dream of my acquaintance

turning up, as if by surprise,

an expected surprise, sure


as the lights twitch

back to green

after a long red.



First published in 3:AM Magazine, April 2013