The Good Dark Trailer

May 11, 2017

00:00 The Good Dark is a short film based on the poem 'Untitled (Snoopy)' by Ryan Van Winkle. Directed and produced by Lucas Kao. Produced, shot and scripted by Leo Michael Bruges. (AyeFilm 2017) 'Untitled (Snoopy)' was published in 'The Good Dark' (2015) and is featured here with the kind permission of Penned in the Margins, London. http://www.pennedinthemargins.co.uk/index.php/2015/02/the-good-dark/

Red Like Our Room Used to Feel - Trailer

April 8, 2013

00:00 A glimpse at Ryan Van Winkle's intimate poetry performance. An audio voyage featuring ambient melodies from Ragland. An installation with paintings, photographs and ephemera from a host of artists. Joy, memory and loss condensed into 15 minutes. When performed you'll find a red room to lay down in. A cup of tea, a snifter of port, and space to listen. Previously seen at The Forest Fringe, Summerhall, The Battersea Arts Centre, The London Literature Festival (A Room for London, Southbank Centre) ***** star reviews from The List, The Skinny, The Herald 6th Highest-Rated show of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2012 "Intimate and haunting" Lyn Gardner, Guardian Theatre Correspondent "Simple, yearning and effective" — Andrzej Lukowski, Time Out "landmark production for poetry in performance" Charlotte Runcie, The List


December 6, 2012

00:00 Track: No Ideas but in Things (feat. Ryan Van Winkle) by Danseizure. Video: Rebecca Salvadori Taken from the LP 'This is Danseizure', available for free download from Invisible Agent Records - http://www.invisibleagent.com/2010/10/12/this-is-danseizure-album/

The Theory of Everything (Elemental) 16:9 w/ dome crop guide

June 25, 2014

00:00 Animation and images by Andrew Watson http://www.semiconductor-media.com

Wait, Listen, If - A poem by Ryan Van Winkle انتضر، اسمع، ربما قصيدة لرايان ڤان وينكل

March 22, 2016

00:00 Wait, Listen, If (A poem by Ryan Van Winkle) انتضر، اسمع، ربما قصيدة لرايان ڤان وينكل A film poem based on a poem by Ryan Van Winkle, coordinator of the Iraq translation project. قصيدة مصورة (فيلم) مستوحاة من شعر – انتضر، اسمع- ربما رايان ڤان وينكل و هو المنظّم لمشروع الترجمة بالعراق. Ryan Van Winkle: I wanted to get a haircut & a shave while we were in Shaqlawa doing our translation workshops. We found a hospitable barber and what was supposed to be a banal, routine thing became a small performance. Possibly because the proprietor was such a fun character. Still, it was kind of embarrassing so I read the shortest poem I could think of. رايان ڤان وينكل: “أردت ان أذهب للحلاق لأقص شعري و أحلق لحيتي أثناء وجودنا في شقلاوة لورشة العمل. وجدنا حلاقاً رحب بنا، و تحول شيءاً عادياً غير ذي أهمية الى عمل فني صغير. ربما لأن الحلاق كان شخصاً مرحاً للغاية. و عندما ألحٌوا علي ان ألقي شعر، شعرت بالإحراج فقرأت أقصر قصيدة كان بإمكاني التفكير بها.” Highlight Arts present a series of nine short films called Found in Translation. All shot in Iraqi Kurdistan and featuring poetry recitals and translations by UK and Iraqi based writers; spoken and subtitled in a mix of English, Arabic and Kurdish.The poetry derives from workshops that took place in Shaqlawa, Iraqi Kurdistan where the poets participated in four days of translation workshops and collaborative poetry experiments. This yielded dozens of new translations in Arabic, Kurdish and English with poetry being shared and friendships forged. تقدم هايلايت آرتس مجموعة من تسعة أفلام قصيرة تحت عنوان “وجد في الترجمة”. تم تصوير هذه الأفلام في كردستان العراق و هي قراءات شعرية و ترجماتها من قبل كتاب مقيمين في بريطانيا و في العراق. هي محكية و مترجمة بخليط لغوي انكليزي- عربي- كردي – و الأشعار مستوحاة من ورشات عمل أقيمت في شقلاوة – كردستان العراق – حين شارك هؤلاء الشعراء لمدة أربع أيام في ورشات عمل في الترجمة و أعمال تجريبية في الشعر الجماعي. انتجت هذه الورشة صداقات جديدة و عدة أعمال جديدة ترجمت الى العربية و UK poets include Kei Miller, winner of the 2014 Forward Poetry prize, Vicky Feaver, Nia Davies, Stephen J Fowler and Ryan Van Winkle winner of the 2015 Saltire Society’s Poetry Book of the Year prize. Iraqi poets include Zhawen Shally who organises a literature festival in Sulamyamnieh, women’s rights activist Mariam al Attar, Ali Wajeeh and Ahmad Abdul Hussein who are both poets and journalists, the latter who set up House of Poetry. ام ٢٠١٤ و فيكي فيفر، نيا ديفيس، ستيفن فاولر ، و Forward من الشعراء البريطانيين المشاركيين كاي ميلر الحائز على جائزة الشعر لسنة ٢٠١٥. و من ضمن الشعراء العراقيين ژاوێن شاڵی التي تقوم بالإعداد لمهرجان آدبي Saltire Society رايان فان وينكل الحائز جائزة في السليمانية، و مريم العطار المدافعة عن حقوق المرأة، و على وجيه و أحمد عبد الحسين و هما شاعرين و صحفيين For more information about our Digital Poetry Project please visit: http://highlightarts.org/multimedia/found-in-translation-a-digital-poetry-project-ryan-van-winkle/

haiku-the whiteboard is white.mov

October 29, 2013

00:00 "This animation was written and illustrated by school children in Edinburgh as part of Edinburgh City Libraries' Reading Champion project. The Reading Champion works with kids across the city to encourage a life-long love of literature. With ECL's Poet-in-Residence they created this short, surreal, haiku. Produced by www.thosemediaguys.com for Edinburgh City Libraries."

I chose to listen short film with poets Ryan Van Winkle, Emily Ballou and William Letford

April 15, 2016

00:00 Shot in Beirut May 2011, this is poetry in performance, with 3 fabulous UK based poets, Ryan Van Winkle, Emily Ballou and William Letford. I was commissioned to make this film by Reel Festivals and it was funded by Creative Scotland Vital Sparks funding. I filmed it on a Canon EOS 7D, with a Rhode SVM Mic attached to it and also recorded seperate sound on a Zoom H2 mic. I then came back home to sunny Scotland and collaborated with my usual suspects, Maryam Ghorbankarimi on editingsound design by Peter Vilk

Coffee with Ryan Van Winkle - Gerontocracy

August 2, 2016

00:00 Poet Ryan Van Winkle reads from his second collection THE GOOD DARK in the Shakesepeare and Company Café.

Uluslararası Nilüfer Şiir Festivali | Ryan Van Winkle

February 27, 2017

00:00 Ryan Van Winkle Röportajı

My Hundred Year Old Ghost

November 25, 2011

00:00 Ryan Van Winkle reciting 'My Hundred Year Old Ghost'. Filmed at The George in Hackney, London by Ericka Duffy. 2010